Managing manure for optimum economic crop production with minimum environmental impact, requires knowledge of the manure’s nutrient content. While there are books containing values of average nutrient contents, these values do not account for the large variation that exists among different manure storage and handling systems.

Instead, a manure analysis is recommended for the accurate determination and optimum management of manure nutrients. Our standard manure test provides the minimum analysis needed to develop a nutrient management plan. Additional testing for secondary and trace elements are also available. We can also provide the phosphorus source coefficient, which is a measure of the relative availability of phosphorus in manure to runoff and is for use in the P Index.  

*Denele Analytical is a certified manure-testing laboratory.*


Compost testing is important for characterizing the beneficial physical and chemical properties of compost as well as for identifying potential problems with compost use. The laboratory performs testing procedures from the U.S. Compost Council’s Test Methods for the Examination of Composting and Composts.